I am revisiting the desire to be understood, and discovering that it matters less now than before. Yes, I need to be understood on a baseline level, for some degree of well-being and safety. But beyond that, explaining myself feels less and less crucial. Being perceived feels less and less meaningful. By which I mean: right now, other things feel more important than these games of speech and appearances. There are more urgent connections to be made. There are other languages, which exist within and between bodies, that I need to learn so as to continue doing the work I wish to do. In this sense, a focus on breadth becomes slightly more important than depth, which I have held to for so long. It is time to expand sideways.

How do you speak, and how can we adapt to each other’s languages? How can I make my thoughts easier for you to access? What is the vocabulary you are using? Tell me. I want to hear and feel you.