by Ang Kia Yee

I’m exhausted from the last few weeks of living and shifting. I think I’ve found some peace and resolution for my questions in the last post. I’m still rearranging the physical objects of my life. I’m really enjoying where I am now, and all the things I have and am doing. I’m still a little nervous about the stability, but I’m more alright with it now than earlier in the year, when my peace and joy frightened me.

I have learnt that when one is happy and busy cultivating peace and non-suffering, one loses many desires and habits. For one, I’ve noticed that my dependency on Instagram as a space for expression and as a salve for loneliness has eased up a lot. My desire for certain material things have also quietened. I find it easy to let go. I am eager to share my life with other people.

Tonight though, I am so tired and don’t quite know why I am writing here. I guess I wanted to check in briefly since my last post was quite a while ago. 2022 is coming, too. I wonder what sort of turns we will experience in the coming weeks.