by Ang Kia Yee

  1. I want to walk the Eryan Ping Trail in Taiwan. I want to walk many trails in nature from now on, I want to touch life and body and peace that way.
  2. This moment of clarity about us feels like it might last. Despite my anxieties around being misunderstood, I trust what I see and feel. I will be brave, I will leap with you.
  3. This morning was a radical moment I remain shocked and confused about. It’s too unreal to fully absorb, much less accept. That a genuine mistake I made, an accident, was released so simply. You chose to let go despite your anger. And just like that, I’m the only one left taking it out on myself. The guilt I’m used to clings to me, I can’t accept that I don’t have to be forgiven.
  4. I have decided I will go to therapy. My years of slow healing on my own need a boost toward the crest of release I see in the horizon. I’m going to touch my freedom. I’m going to fall into life.